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The Future of Express and Alternatives

August 4, 2014 for

This past week, ExpressJS, the incredibly popular Node framework was transferred to a company called StrongLoop. Express, known as the “E” part of the MEAN stack has been a foundation for many Node applications. The transfer of the Express repo by TJ Holowaychuk (visionmedia) to StrongLoop, has left many wondering about the future of Express.

This article won’t go into the intricacies or make assumptions on the facts of the sponsorship/sale of Express. There have been arguments against the sale and TJ has made his thoughts on the subject clear. TJ has recently decided to shift his focus on contributing to the Golang community so transferring Express to a company that is heavily invested in Node is a logical decision.

We’ll be looking at what the future plans for Express are and will also showcase some of the alternative web frameworks that the Node community has to offer.

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