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Set Global Read and Write Concerns in MongoDB 4.4

June 26, 2020 for MongoDB

MongoDB is very flexible when it comes to both reading and writing data. When it comes to writing data, a MongoDB write concern allows you to set the level of acknowledgment for a desired write operation. Likewise, the read concern allows you to control the consistency and isolation properties of the data read from your replica sets. Finding the right values for the read and write concerns is pivotal as your application evolves and with the latest release of MongoDB adding global read isolation and write durability defaults is now possible.

MongoDB 4.4 is available in beta right now . You can try it out in MongoDB Atlas or download the development release. In this post, we are going to look at how we can set our read isolation and write durability defaults globally and also how we can override these global settings on a per client or per operation basis when needed.

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