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rrtr is Dead. Here are Some React Router Alternatives.

April 19, 2016 for Auth0

The JavaScript ecosystem, for better or worse, is in a constant state of change and disarray. From the NodeJS fork to io.js and later reconciliation to the npm package-gate which broke many packages and ruined a lot of peoples day. The constant in all of this turbulence is that the JavaScript community was quick to react and resolve the issue for the better.

The latest discord comes from the popular and heavily-depended upon React Router library, which provides a routing framework for applications built with React. React Router is a community project with no direct affiliation to Facebook or React but is a major dependency for many developers building React apps.

React Router was forked into rrtr by Jimmy Jia, a longtime contributor to the project, last week after complaints that React Router has fallen into a slow release cycle, is missing critical features and more. A few days later, the rrtr library was itself deprecated and users told to switch back to React Router. Jimmy was made an owner of the React Router project so that he could further his contributions to the project.

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