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Easily Migrate Your Existing Stormpath Users to Auth0

March 6, 2017 for Auth0

Stormpath is an authentication as a service company that allows developers to offload their authentication and authorization needs to a third party. The company offered a RESTful API that customers could use to manage identity in their applications. Today, the company announced that it had been acquired by Okta, another company that provides identity management services.

TL;DR Stormpath announced today that it was acquired by Okta. As a result, the Stormpath API will be shutting down this coming August as the team transitions to Okta. Customers have until August 18, 2017 to export their user data to Okta or a different provider. Find out how to easily migrate your users to Auth0 without requiring your users to reset their passwords and some additional benefits you’ll gain by making the switch. If you would like to follow along with our demo, download the sample app from GitHub.

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