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Project Euler #2: Even Fibonacci Numbers

Continuing the Project Euler with Go series with Problem #2. The goal of this video is to find the sum of even-numbered values within the Fibonacci sequence below 4,000,000.

How to Start Freelancing and Quit Your Job

This post was submitted by Megan Grant. Megan teaches freelance creatives to build their own agencies. Visit her online at

You feel like you’ve slipped into the fourth circle of hell, but wait! It’s just your job. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with it. These days, largely thanks to the internet, it’s fully within your grasp to build your own business. Let’s talking about how to start freelancing so that you can transition out of your current job and into something that gives you purpose.

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Golang Cheatsheet: Variables

Go or Golang is a fairly simple but extremely powerful programming language. In this post, we are going to become pros at working with variables and constants in Go.

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Better Strings in JavaScript with Template Literals

Template literals or string literals is a new JavaScript feature that enhances the ways in which developers can work with strings. It adds functionality for expression interpolation, multi-line strings, nesting templates, and tagged templates. These features make your code more usable and readable. Let’s learn how to use template literals in our JavaScript applications.

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Master the Web Storage API

The Web Storage API is a JavaScript based API that allows modern browsers to store and persist data in the users browser. The Web Storage API exposes two mechanisms for this called localStorage and sessionStorage. These APIs are easy to learn and master, but can easily be abused. This article will teach you all about the Web Storage API, why it exists, how to use it in your applications, and most importantly when to use it and when to avoid using it.

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Learn to Code by Building Live

I have had the priviledge to meet so many amazing developers, community builders, and all around awesome folks over the last 18 months as a Developer Evangelist at Auth0. I am building a platform for them and everyone else to share their amazing projects, talks, tutorials, and wins. The catch? I am doing it all as a live-streamed interactive educational experience for both new developers wishing to learn to code and experienced developers wanting to brush up on new skills, and and I want you to be a part of it!

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